Choose Local: Support Queensland Manufacturers This Christmas and Festive Season

By Renee Dickens

19 December 2023

This festive season let’s embrace the spirit of giving and supporting Queensland manufacturers.

By choosing to support local businesses in Queensland, you can make this festive season truly special.

Your decision not only enhances the quality of your holiday gifts but also creates job opportunities, providing a brighter future for countless fellow Queenslanders, and our manufacturing sector.

Here are just a few we’ve shared below – and we welcome you to share more you know of in the comments below.



If you’re seeking that special Christmas option for a DIY enthusiast, explore the array of exciting possibilities offered at StyroMAX. They provide avenues for constructing a DIY recreational vehicle, revamping an existing one, or enhancing various accessories for recreational vehicles. Whether you’re in need of a complete Fibreglass Reinforced Composite CNC cut panel set, premium fibreglass materials, or RV windows and doors, StyroMAX offers a comprehensive selection to attain DIY excellence!

StyroMAX also provides a Designer’s Sample Pack, offering a sample of the primary components that DIY enthusiasts might utilise in constructing their RV. These sample packs assist DIY-ers to envision their design with real life samples of the products they intend to use.

Moreover, StyroMAX supports DIY enthusiasts with annual workshops held at their Darra factory. These workshops bring together key suppliers and DIY enthusiasts, featuring other customers’ builds in a popular show-and-shine event.

Situated in Darra, Brisbane, StyroMAX specialises in designing and manufacturing fibreglass composite insulated panels for the RV and transportation industries, covering mobile homes, caravans, trailers, and truck bodies. Their products stand out for their exceptional strength while maintaining an impressive weight-to-area ratio. Beyond their wide product range, StyroMAX boasts a substantial YouTube Channel that showcases products, designs, customer success stories, and behind-the-scenes factory tours.

Additionally, StyroMAX actively participates as a member of MSQ’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry Reference Group.


Founded in 2017 and proudly Aboriginal-owned and led, Sobah is Australia’s pioneering non-alcoholic craft beer company. Based in the picturesque Kombumerri country – known as the Gold Coast in Queensland, Sobah embraces the essence of sun, surf, and a refreshing drink without the accompanying headache.

Operated with deep respect for people, place, and the environment, Sobah continues to thrive as a beacon of responsible choices and cultural respect in the heart of the Gold Coast.


Backa Australia, rooted in rich smallgoods heritage, born in Queensland, offers premium quality products crafted from over 97% Australian ingredients. The company’s natural curing methods and dedication to sustainability have won hearts at farmer’s markets and beyond.

With a growing demand, their goods are now available in 200+ locations across Queensland and New South Wales. Recently obtaining their export licence, Blacka Australia aims to share their authentic Australian flavours with the world.


Full Circle Fibres, founded by passionate textile technologist Meriel, is a pioneering force in the sustainable textile industry. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the company embodies the ethos of respecting the source and treading gently on the Earth.

Specialising in ethical and transparent fibre and textile supply chains, Full Circle Fibres collaborates with businesses worldwide to build a robust circular economy – offering high-quality yarn and materials with complete traceability, allowing conscious creators and designers to make a difference.


Discover the enchanting realm of Tambo Teddies, where craftsmanship meets heart in the vast Outback of Queensland, Australia. These delightful teddy bears, meticulously handcrafted from 100% woollen sheepskin, hold a story as unique as the land they hail from.

Each bear, lovingly brought to life, is bestowed with an individual name – inspired by the farming properties that dot the picturesque Tambo district. With a legacy spanning over 62,000 bears, no two bears are alike, making each one a cherished and distinctive companion.


Diablo Co, born from a passion project by a local venue owner on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, is redefining the craft beverage scene in Australia. Proudly 100-percent locally produced and gluten-free, Diablo Co’s beverages embody the essence of Queensland’s balmy climate.

The success of their ginger beer – crafted from locally sourced sugarcane and ginger led to the evolution of Diablo Co, expanding their offerings to include Eros Vodka, Rum, and a captivating range of liqueurs.

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