Attracting new talent and keeping the current workforce engaged

Investment value
$1.255 million

Labour supply is one of the most pressing issues facing Queensland’s manufacturing industry. Our programs will support employers to connect with the young, modern job seeker and implement strategies that support ongoing workforce engagement.

Manufacturing general induction

A general industry induction training program that targets the barriers faced by new starters, including industry knowledge gaps, and safety concerns. By addressing these issues, we will assist employers in enhancing employee retention, which is a critical challenge for businesses.

Careers in manufacturing short course

General awareness and understanding is an important first step in choosing a career. This program focuses on providing year 10 students with greater understanding of the industry and the job types available. This program will create a foundation to transition into the Pathways to a Trade program.

Pathways to a Trade program

Our Pathways to a Trade program will provide a curriculum-based opportunity for year 11 and 12 students to experience the manufacturing industry. The program, developed in partnership with schools, employers and unions, will support early training experiences across general safety awareness, basic tool familiarity and exposure to workplace environments and expectations—improving consideration of manufacturing.

School to Work Transition

This program will empower students by bridging the gap between education and industry in the manufacturing sector. Co-ordinated by MSQ, this program will connect representatives from industry to act as influencers with schools, to speak with students and encourage exploration of the industry. Influencers will be supported by high-quality resources, including an immersive virtual reality (VR) environment.

Resources for school students

Early exposure lays the foundation for informed career choices. This initiative plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of innovators and problem solvers within the dynamic realm of manufacturing. We will develop a suite of resources to introduce primary school students to the exciting world of manufacturing, igniting curiosity and awareness at an early age.

Gateway to Industry Schools program

The Advanced Manufacturing Gateway to Industry Schools Program (GISP) encourages sustainable partnerships between industry, government and the community. In early 2025, MSQ will commence as host of the GISP. We will continue to grow and evolve the program to increase awareness of manufacturing careers.

Manufacturing matters

Building the awareness of the diverse and dynamic manufacturing industry is critical to supporting manufacturers. We will invest in a suite of digital tools to profile the variety of job roles and career pathways in the manufacturing industry. We need to develop an always-on approach to telling Queensland that ‘manufacturing matters’.

Pose a question, get involved and have your say

If you have an idea, or want to share your thoughts on any matters relating to training, skills and workforce development in the manufacturing industry, please get in contact.

Funding acknowledgement

Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) is an independent body established by the Queensland Government to build a sustainably skilled workforce for a future-proofed manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Skills Queensland is funded by the Queensland Government.

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