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The significance of Queensland’s manufacturing industry in today’s global economy cannot be overstated. Almost everything we use in our daily lives — from the clothes we wear to the devices we rely on — has been created through the transformative process of manufacturing. As the industry adapts and grows, we need to ensure our investment in training and skills keeps pace, supporting manufacturers to innovate and stay competitive.

Skills give us potential and make us productive. Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) is here to connect and support employers and stakeholders of the manufacturing industry with the skills, opportunities, and information to build a thriving future in manufacturing.

In the face of an increasingly competitive market, changing consumer demands, and the rise of advanced technologies and automation, because of the talented workforce, Queensland’s manufacturing industry continues to prove itself as a key player in the global arena. MSQ is committed to future-proofing manufacturing capability in Queensland. Industry is central to our work, in our efforts to attract, retain and develop skills and capability of the workforce. Our strategic plan outlines our purpose and vision, how we will deliver on our objectives and how we will measure our performance.

Manufacturing Skills Queensland is an independent body established and funded under the Queensland Government’s Making it in Queensland: Building a Stronger Manufacturing Sector policy in November 2022. Our work supports the Queensland Government’s $70 million investment in manufacturing skills and training. The MSQ Board guides the organisation’s strategy and ensures investment in manufacturing skills and training through the Annual Training Plan meet the needs of industry.

The inaugural manufacturing Annual Training Plan by Manufacturing Skills Queensland represents a strategic investment across four broad focus areas. This strategic investment aims to ensure that Queenslanders have the right skills to work in the manufacturing sector and contributes to the growth and sustainability of the state’s manufacturing industry.

We’re building a culture at Manufacturing Skills Queensland that is about putting industry at the center of solution development. Find out more about the team that’s leading the way.

At Manufacturing Skills Queensland we are reimagining how we design, develop and implement training, skills and workforce solutions for industry. This means bold ideas and a willingness to tackle the big challenges.

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