Now that you have completed your Building Resilience – Employees eLearning course, you have access to this eToolkit. The eToolkit contains a set of practical online resources which are available to you anytime you need it. As a first step we recommend you save this URL for easy access in the future. Then we encourage you to open the eToolkit Overview document to orientate yourself with the eToolkit. We hope you find the resource helpful.

You can access the information in this eToolkit anytime you need it! Simply keep the link to your eToolkit in your favourites and download the resources when you require them.

Fact sheets

Fact sheet 1 - what is resilience?

pdf 1.78 MB

Fact sheet 2 - stress mastery - understanding stress management

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Fact sheet 3 - stress mastery - what is mindfulness?

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Fact sheet 4 - stress mastery - the resilient mindset

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Fact sheet 5 - stress mastery - reframing and resilience

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Fact sheet 6 - lifestyle mastery and resilience

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Tip sheets - stress mastery

Mindfulness tip sheet 1 - mindful breathing

pdf 377.91 KB

Mindfulness tip sheet 2 - mindful observation

pdf 306.57 KB

Mindfulness tip sheet 3 - the 5 senses

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Mindfulness tip sheet 4 - inner dialogue

pdf 367.33 KB

Tip sheets - mindset mastery

Mindset mastery tip sheet 1 - practicing reframing

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Mindset mastery tip sheet 2 - questioning resilience

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Tip sheets - lifestyle mastery

Lifestyle mastery tip sheet 1 - eat

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Lifestyle mastery tip sheet 2 - sleep

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Lifestyle mastery tip sheet 3 - move

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Lifestyle mastery tip sheet 4 - connect

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Activity sheets

Activity sheet 1 - My resilience self assessment

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Activity sheet 2 - My resilience action plan

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Multimedia resources

A range of multimedia resources are available. These resources effectively communicate key resilience themes featured in the ‘building resilience course.’ They also serve as valuable references to refresh and reinforce essential concepts of resilience, empowering you to navigate challenges with confidence and adaptability. Embrace these resources as a professional audience, utilising them to encourage and foster a resilient mindset in your professional journey.