Media Release: Consultation opens for Manufacturing’s first Annual Training Plan

By Renee Dickens

13 February 2024

Tuesday 20 February 2024 

  • Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) has opened consultation for industry’s first Annual Training Plan
  • The plan will be a significant investment in the training, skills and workforce needs of the manufacturing industry
  • Consultation is open now, and closes 2 April 2024 – employers are invited to attend face-to-face sessions held across Queensland.

Manufacturing employers are being invited to have their say on Queensland’s first training plan for the manufacturing industry.

This year, Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) will release its first Annual Training Plan (ATP). The ATP will be significant investment to support industry to address critical skills and workforce challenges through targeted investment and training programs.

Manufacturing Skills Queensland has released a discussion paper to guide the conversation. Consultation will focus on five key themes:

  1. Attraction and engagement
  2. Transformation and leadership
  3. Training, skills, and qualifications
  4. The future of trades
  5. Diversity in manufacturing.

The ATP will be a comprehensive strategy to drive outcomes for the industry, strengthening sustainability and growth for Queensland manufacturers.

The pandemic reset Queensland’s appreciation of what our local manufacturers have to offer. There’s a much stronger recognition of and value placed in the importance of our domestic manufacturing capability—which is why this plan and investment is so important.

Queensland is home to 20% of Australia’s manufacturing workforce—underscoring its significant role in the nation’s economy and production capabilities.

MSQ’s latest State of the Sector report shows the industry is seeing signs of growth—particularly in machinery and equipment, and petrochemicals. Because of this, unsurprisingly, labour and skills are some of the most acute pressures on the industry. Training and skills solutions that support the current and future workforce will be vital to a strong manufacturing industry.

Face-to-face sessions for manufacturers are happening across Queensland from 27 February 2024.

Manufacturers are invited to attend a face-to-face consultation session or have their say online. For more information visit Consultation will close on 2 April 2024.

Quotes attributable to Chief Executive Officer Manufacturing Skills Queensland Rebecca Andrews

“To say that our manufacturing industry is impressive is an understatement. I am constantly in awe of the people who work in the industry—of their passion and ingenuity. It’s because of these people that Queensland continues to prove itself a key player in the global manufacturing arena.

“As the manufacturing landscape changes in step with technology, consumer demand, and societal expectations, we need to invest in training and skills that will keep Queensland competitive.

“That’s why our Annual Training Plan consultation is so important. We need a plan that has a big impact.

“We want to have honest conversations about employers about the challenges and opportunities in the industry to ensure that we are making the right investment and resourcing the industry with necessary training and skills to succeed into the future.


Join this pivotal discussion, and guide the investment in training, skills, and workforce for the industry.

  • In-person and virtual forums – register to attend a workshop. Workshops commence 27 February 2024 across Queensland and online. Learn more >>
  • Complete the online survey – visit the MSQ consultation page and complete the online survey. Respond to as many questions as you like. Learn more >>
  • Make a submission – provide a detailed response to the discussion paper themes. Learn more >>

Consultation closes 2 April 2024.


27 February 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

Gold Coast
28 February 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

29 February 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

5 March 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

6 March 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

7 March 2024, 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm

14 March 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

15 March 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

Wide Bay (Maryborough)
18 March 2024, 2 pm – 4pm

Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore)
19 March 2024, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

22 March 2024, 7.30 am – 9.30 am  REGISTER


Register to attend one of our virtual events. Forums will be two (2) hours in duration and are designed for small groups of up to 50 people. Places are limited.

Online #1 (Industry)
12 March 2024, 2 pm – 4 pm

Online #2 (Industry)
20 March 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

Online #3 (Training organisations)
21 March 2024, 10 am – 12 noon

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