Evolution, disruption and the implications for leadership

Investment value

Embracing digital transformation and technological innovation is essential for manufacturers to remain competitive. Leaders in the manufacturing industry require a diverse skill set to effectively navigate the complexities of the industry and drive success.

Leadership excellence series

Queensland manufacturers face an increasingly complex range of challenges, from high costs, changing market conditions to labour attraction, retention and management. In 2024-25 we will provide a range of funded short course training for emerging, new and existing leaders to support their growth and development.

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Mental health awareness training for leaders

An evidence-based course designed to support leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools to recognise and effectively manage and support employees experiencing mental health conditions, and identify and manage psychosocial risks in the workplace.

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Resilience training for leaders

An evidence-based course designed to provide leaders and managers with the knowledge, skills and tools to build their personal psychological resilience and influence improved resilience of their team members.

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Higher level learning

We will invest in higher level skills of leaders by facilitating access to advanced training, fostering deeper expertise, and paving the way for career progression. This will enable leaders to pursue specialised training, such as advanced engineering or strategic management, enhancing their ability to drive innovation and productivity within the manufacturing sector.

Future of trades (research)

Manufacturing is undergoing transformation as technological advancements, automation and sustainable practices revolutionise traditional processes. The integration of smart technologies, digitalisation, and additive manufacturing is reshaping traditional skill sets. Consequently, our trades are also evolving to meet the demands of this dynamic industry. Our research will look at future trends to reimagine job roles and associated qualifications.

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Funding acknowledgement

Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) is an independent body established by the Queensland Government to build a sustainably skilled workforce for a future-proofed manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Skills Queensland is funded by the Queensland Government.

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