Building the skills profile of industry

Investment value
$1.36 million

Skills underpin the success of the manufacturing workforce by directly influencing productivity, innovation, and competitiveness within the sector. Through a range of programs MSQ is investing in the skills profile of the industry.

Qualifications and/or short courses

Building the skills of the new and existing workforce. In 2024-25 we will partner with registered training organisations and other specialist training providers to deliver qualifications and/or short courses to manufacturing employees.

Manufacturing industry trainer program

The industry training program will assist experienced manufacturers and technicians acquire the essential skills and knowledge to facilitate workplace-based learning, to ensure the formal transfer of workplace knowledge. Delivery of this fully funded accredited skill set gives industry the necessary skills to enabled succession planning, while showcasing career pathways to working as a trainer or assessor.

Streamlined recognition of prior learning (RPL)

In response to demand from employers, we will design a streamlined RPL process. By placing emphasis on employer involvement and providing robust assessor training, the process will ensure rigour and relevance, ultimately contributing to a skilled, adaptable workforce the meets the evolving needs of the manufacturing sector.

Mental health awareness training for employees

A short course for employees to encourage helpful attitudes and behaviours towards mental health conditions, improve mental health condition literacy, recognise the signs of mental health conditions, learning what to do when dealing with and management mental health issues, and understanding legal responsibilities.

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Resilience training for employees

This short course will provide employees with the knowledge and skills to develop their resilience. This highly engaging and practical course will give employees insight into the characteristics of resilience, and build an action plan.

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Pose a question, get involved and have your say

If you have an idea, or want to share your thoughts on any matters relating to training, skills and workforce development in the manufacturing industry, please get in contact.

Funding acknowledgement

Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) is an independent body established by the Queensland Government to build a sustainably skilled workforce for a future-proofed manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Skills Queensland is funded by the Queensland Government.

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