Growing a new business

The AIC assists new businesses by providing feasibility assessment, market intelligence and small business skills development.

With nearly two million small businesses registered in Australia, growing a new business can be a daunting and confusing task. Since 2002, the AIC has worked with more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to provide them with advice and support to help them successfully take their idea to the marketplace.

The AIC adds value to entrepreneurs and start-up businesses by assisting them to:

  • improve commercialisation skills through education programs, such as Ideas2Market and the Queensland Inventor Services

  • increase chances of receiving funding by the preparation of a concise pitch that can be presented to investors, customers and future business partners

  • generate unique market positioning through the protection of intellectual property

  • increase revenue opportunities with access to new markets, investors and assistance in providing guidance on how to apply for it

  • build skills to commercialise ideas, inventions or products

  • test ideas against leading practice know-how

  • identify gaps within the market to provide a competitive advantage through business intelligence

  • find networks with government and industry professionals to assist with a new business venture

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Established Business

The AIC assists established businesses by providing services such as market research, commercialisation advice, technology search capability, and strategic IP management advice.

Serving businesses across a variety of industry sectors, the AIC provides value to established businesses by:

  • Increasing revenue through the strategic management of intellectual property and providing sound commercialisation advice
  • Improving product or service performance through the provision of linkages to external sources of capability and technology
  • Quantifying new product opportunities and expansion with accurate business intelligence
  • Improving staff retention and development with tailored professional development programs around creativity, innovation, and commercialisation

In addition, the AIC can provide practical hands-on support to established businesses to solve problems and ensure sustainability and growth.It does so by helping to:

  • explore and assess possible solutions to business issues
  • evaluate feasibility of innovative ideas
  • search for external capability and technologies of interest
  • negotiate access to external capability and technology
  • facilitating new collaborative partnerships

For more information on how we can help established businesses, call 1300 364 739 or email

Turning your idea into a rewarding business

The 2013 to 2015 season of Ideas2Market small business workshops is now well underway with entrepreneurs in Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns already taking part in the program.



“The AIC's TechFast program helped me through the difficult task of finding the right grant and then filling in all the details correctly to ensure we received the maximum amount of money allowed”

Rueben Kelley, Ductair SA,